Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A lot has happened since my last post

We are 10 weeks pregnant and a few days today. It seems so unreal, I still don't believe it. We haven't officially come out to the world yet but our friends and some family know at this point. I kinda don't want to say anything on facebook because then I feel like the whole world will know and I'm scared still I'm scared of the unknown. So far we have been released from SG unfortunately we didn't get to have our last ultrasound down there but it saved me on taking time off work and in gas because driving 3 hours 1 way is ruff on my wallet. Symptoms thus far are just extreme nausea that usually kicks my butt around 2pm and lasts well into the evening, and fatigue as I type  this my eyes could close and I'd drift off to sleep... oh and nightmares....I really wish they would stop! I can handle dreaming but the nightmares are terrible.. I guess I'm still so afraid of loosing this baby ... which hurts to even think that may happen. Well that's pretty much it for now.

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